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Carmen Balsera Guia Turistico

The gates of Córdoba are open wide for you – come in and enjoy the magic!!!

My name is Carmen Balsera, I am a fully-qualified, official Andalusian tourist guide, with a Tourist Companies and Activities Diploma (TEAT).

I have worked for over 25 years in various areas of the tourism sector, from travel agencies or teaching courses in tourism to work as a tourist information officer or in hotels.

It has always been my vocation to look after visitors and tell them about our wonderful historical heritage. My professional experience also includes working for one year as a tourist information officer at the Visitors Center in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
My main aim is to make a visit to Córdoba a memorable experience and to ensure visitors really enjoy the hospitality of our wonderful city and know where to find everything they need to make their stay all that more special.
I speak fluent Spanish, English and French.

Official guide of the Junta de Andalucía. License No. 1236
Authorised by the Córdoba Cathedral Council as an official guide to the Mosque-Cathedral: Permit No. 124
HALAL and RASGO certificates

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Avatar Pateando Cordoba

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