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Córdoba is much more than its monuments …

Tell us what you like best, so we can prepare a tour specially for you. To make your stay in Córdoba an unforgettable one, there’s a whole host of alternative routes and activities you can do. Only by walking round Córdoba like a local can you discover all its best-kept secrets: the taverns, convents, craft workshops, wineries, flamenco and equestrian shows, as well as the cookery workshops and wine-tasting or olive oil-tasting events.
Here are some of the experiences our visitors ask for most.

Tour Of The Cordoba Courtyards

Go back in time to the Córdoba of yesteryear, to the courtyards in the old communal houses, where the families gossiped and carried out their household chores together.

Depending on the number of patios.

The Festival of the Courtyards of Córdoba (Patios de Córdoba) was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2012

This tour takes us into the courtyards of private houses, where we can chat to the owners and hear their stories, and see the flowering plants in their full glory, with pelargoniums, ivy-leafed geraniums and bougainvillea all looking their best, with the pervading scent of jasmine and night jessamine in the background. The courtyards of Córdoba are spectacular proof of the meticulous care taken in Cordoba to keep alive our ancestral traditions and way of life.

ALL THE YEAR ROUND:Although most courtyards open in Córdoba during the Courtyards Festival in May, some can be visited all the year round. The duration of the tour will depend on how many courtyards we will be visiting.


“This tour brings you the real essence of Córdoba, which opens its doors and reveals its soul.”


(Spanish, French, English or bilingual)

My teaching experience includes official teacher training courses such as CAP and a course to be a Teacher Trainer. The tours are adapted to the children’s age and level of knowledge. I like the schoolchildren to interact with the guide, and I love to keep their attention through questions, special materials and games, etc.

“Learn in a fun, creative way.”
Ask any questions you like!!!


Off the tourist track

If you’ve already seen the most important city sites and want a taste of the real Córdoba, I’ll take you to see the Corredera Square, Christ of the Lanterns, the Palace of the Marquises of Viana, the Potro Square, the Bailio Steps, etc.

“Soak in the Cordoba of the Cordovan people”
Our Cordoba!!!


Feel like a medieval knight

Almodovar Castle was built by the Arabs (al-Mudawar means ‘round’ in Arabic) and is one of the most imposing fortresses in Spain. The castle is located on a 800-foot hill, with stunning views over the Guadalquivir river. It is known worldwide as a setting for the popular series ‘Game of Thrones’.

“Feel like you’re on the
set of GoT!”


Denomination of origin wineries.

Find out all about how the grapes are transformed into the different varieties of wine: Fino, Amontillado, Palo Cortado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez.
The trip takes us to a vineyard to see the vines and some of the centuries-old local wine cellars. Optional extras include wine-tasting or wine-and-tapas-tasting events.

“Cuisine is part of culture too, and is perceived by all the five senses.”


Let your tummy be your guide 😊

On this tour round some of the most traditional taverns in Córdoba, we can try some of the most highly-acclaimed local dishes: salmorejo (cold tomato dip), flamenquin (rolled pork and ham fritted), oxtail stew, aubergines with honey or the age-old recipe of mazamorra (cold almond dip)…. Optional extras include wine tasting, a cookery workshop, lunch with a flamenco show, etc.

“Come and see
the Tuscany of Andalusia!”


San Lorenzo, Santa Marina …

After the Christian conquest of Córdoba, the large mosques which stood in all the neighbourhoods dating from the Islamic period were transformed into Catholic churches. This tour takes on a fascinating artistic discovery of the unique blend of Mudejar, Gothic and Baroque architecture featured in these buildings.

“The tour takes us round some of the most popular neighbourhoods,
with their mixture of religious fervour and medieval art.”

“My heart, like my house, is never closed: I let in
the birds, the friends, the sun and the air”

Marcos Ana

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