Tour of «The Three Cultures»

The Three Cultures

Mosque-Cathedral, Jewish Quarter, Synagogue, Castle of the Catholic Monarchs & Roman Bridge.

3,5 Hours

The Mosque-Cathedral was named a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1984
The area surrounding the Mosque-Cathedral was also declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1994
The Festival of the Courtyards of Córdoba (Patios de Córdoba) was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2012

This is perhaps the most complete tour of Córdoba, including all the major sites and taking in the lasting heritage of the three cultures which flourished here (Jewish, Muslim and Christian), with passing references to some of the great names from Córdoba, from Roman philosopher Seneca, Umayyad emirs and caliphs or Arab scholar Maimonides, to the poet Góngora, painter Julio Romero de Torres and Manolete the bullfighter.

“KEY POINTS: Learn about Córdoba’s history in depth, from its foundation in Roman times and the grandeur of the Umayyad dynasty to the changes which occurred in the Christian era and the traces of Sephardic culture.”

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